Special Announcement(5:45, 23/10)by Education Bureau

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All classes are suspended Today.

Special Announcement(5:35)by Education Bureau:
As the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal no. 3 is now in force, classes of kindergartens, schools for children with physical disability and schools for children with intellectual disability are suspended today. The delegated authority of the Permanent Secretary for Education has given a written permission under section 83(6)(a)(ii) of the Education Ordinance (Cap. 279) to those school staff and students who need to enter or remain in the school premises during the period of suspension due to operational need or safety reason.

由於三號熱帶氣旋警告信號現正生效,幼稚園、肢體傷殘兒童學校及智障兒童學校今日停課。 教育局常任秘書長所授權人士已根據《教育條例》(第279章)第83(6)(a)(ii)條的規定,向基於運作需要或安全理由須在停課期間進入或逗留在校舍的教職員及學生發出書面准許。

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